We’d like to welcome you with open arms, to our therapy service.

We are here for the everyday person. For the overloaded parents. The underwhelmed teens. For the postman who has had enough or the teacher who wants to scream. We are trained to tackle every obstacle with you from a rut, to rage, to recent challenge. Basically, whoever you are and whatever you do, our service is tailored to you.

UK Psychotherapy is one of Sussex’s leading & busiest practices offering competitive fees, negotiable payment plan options and some much needed sincerity. Whether working with professional clients such as BUPA, special needs schools, GPs or private clients, we always deliver a high quality service.

Promising 100% private and confidential therapy, we provide that much needed space to allow people to better understand their own minds. That is the first, exciting step to solving any problem. Depression, weight loss worries, anxiety and stress are all under our umbrella. We’ve got you covered.

With us, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching methods are combined fluently as part of our truly innovative approach to personal development. This unique combination allows the individual to reflect on their experiences and emotions, while being supported to work through those demons, changes or struggles in their life. We always aim to constructively identify and transform perceptions of self and of others that could be hindering you from grabbing your life by the horns and getting on with it. Now is the time to shed those ifs & buts holding you back!

We offer every first time patient a FREE Introductory Session. This meet and greet lets you get a feel for how we work, get comfortable, and embrace the idea that you’ve already taken the hardest step. There will be no obligation to work with us further - no tricky contracts and no ‘join-the-gym’ type sales pitches. Just a chance to say hello, step away from the daily grind and towards a positive change for your future.

If you would like a FREE COPY of our brochure - arrange your FREE Introductory Session today - simply get in touch with us online, right now, in the contact request form with your needs.

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About us

From its ground roots, Lead Therapist Mark Maitland has been at the helm of UK Psychotherapy, having first set up the practice and driven it towards the successful, people-focused service it is today. Mark’s greatest strength lies in helping others overcome resistance to change, offering extensive experience working with both children and adults, couples and groups. Most importantly though - he’s a friendly professional, and he’s all ears.

Consider that the average person will walk 110,000 miles in their lifetime... That's four loops around our world! Now is the time to begin understanding that how you choose to view and react to the world on your journey will ultimately determine where you end up. And we want that to be your own, little nirvana.

“your life does not get any better with chance - it gets better with change.”
-Jim Rohn

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